from gut feeling to data-driven

The top 2 fail factors of startup ventures are 'not having the right team' and 'having a proposition customers don't want'. There is a growing awareness among startup accelerators, investors and corporate innovators that the quality of a team in a venture is as vital to success as the quality of the proposition.

But how do you assess the quality of the team and the proposition in relation to a venture's success? That is easier said than done. So, it's not surprising that investors, stakeholders, accelerators, coaches and mentors often rely on their gut feelings to make those decisions. Venture Metrix is designed to get you from gut feeling to know how. Venture Metrix combines psychological insights with business sense and provides clear data to make data-driven decisions.

We have always treated personal data with great care and we will continue to do so in the future, how you can read in our Privacy Statement. You can always contact us directly if you feel that your organization is not dealing correctly with Venture MetriX results!

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